Fake "LikeBots" As Well As Copybots, now upon this NAS Forum

Greetings to All. This is the latest "Maintenance" Thread, or 'Report Spam' Thread. ( ...& For those not interested or not affected, I say just move on, or start Your own Thread. ) But this kind of Thread *is* necessary at times. NAS themselves say to start a New Thread when a New problem arises, and so that is what I am doing here.

NAS, There is a LIKEBOT here now, as well as a COPYBOT. Again. (Using a Plural does not matter.) This Thread is begun to draw Your attentions to the fact.

The BEST information on This Forum, about dealing with "Copybots":

The "LikeBot" is a new thing. I Myself have been seen to "like" certain (new) Users of whom I have no knowledge. This is the Thread to write about that, now. I have never "upvoted" these Persons but someone has FAKED My doing so...

So, NAS, --- SORT IT OUT!!!

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  • It May well have been requested NAS have less input here several years ago. It doesn’t mean those  now here mostly new members should be ignored after repeatedly asking nicely that our voices be heard, and issues on “YOUR” web forum be dealt with.

    I agree with what ( ) is saying here. It might be true that a few years ago some people do not want NAS's input. But it doesn't make any sense to use this as an excuse to ignore the people who have repeatedly asked NAS to reply to their post.

    DC has posted many many times that she is still waiting for NAS to respond and ( ) has also posted asking NAS to remove offending posts, but both have been ignored until now because "a few years ago...."

    I appreciate your feedback in regards to our mods input. We did receive quite a bit of feedback last year in regards to moderators heavily being involved in the community, but i understand the point you have raised. I will share your feedback with our mods and see how we can get more involved with the forum. In the meantime, it would be useful to have yours and other community users input on how you would like to see us more involved.

    Are you sure that this type of feedback was from last year? I have been here last year, and the mods were as unresponsive as this year.... Maybe the feedback was a few years ago? You originally said that type of feedback was years ago. (It's a tiny detail, but I like consistency and logic)

    Anyway, a most simple solution to keep everyone happy (the ones who don't want input & the ones that do) would be to reply to the people who have proactively asked NAS to reply to their comment?? 

    But I do see a lot more improvements in the replies from NAS today, for example, the replies to this thread has been good (explaining that WebPM is away and that NAS will discuss how to be more involved), removing the offending comments ( ) has mentioned, and reminding people of community rule number 4 about friendly debate. Please keep this up! 

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