Greta Thunberg is freaking me out.

Greta Thunberg is really freaking me out. I agree with some of what she says like "Fossil fuels should be banned by 2030" and "Meat and dairy should be banned". But only half of what she says is directly related to global warming; the rest of it is her bullying people, calling people names like "Spastic", "Wimp" and "Weak'o" and saying stuff like "I want you to panic", "I hope your house burns down" and "You must do exactly as I say". She is basically a mean girl with heckloads of power. Millions of kind young people are supporting this nasty girl and her protests are in 2,000 cities in 120 countries. And then she says stuff like "Stop road-building" and "Destroy airports" which makes me angry. Why does it have to be her? Why couldn't it be another, nicer person? Why couldn't you just ditch her and set up your own group when you discovered she was so horrid?

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