About Meltdowns: IS it possible to have one while still carrying on with using Texting/Internetting?

Greetings anyone. Anyone who knows Me on here, may recall that I often say that although I am here, I know little about Social Media and The Internet. This Thread asks a simple question, and I hope for a simple(-ish) answer...

Please do not Quote or reference anything/anyone outside of this Thread, or else it might wind up being deleted!

I Myself sometimes "Shutdown" (I quit interaction when I can neither Reason nor 'Run away'.). But I have never to My memory had a "Meltdown", so I know less about that... I have read other Threads about it on here. ...But as I say, I have never connected the two together - Meltdown + While Using The Internet...??

I keep this OP short in hope again that it does not go off topic, much if at all. As usual, I offer apology in advance for any misunderstandings, and I try to present reasonable explanation for anything if possible... but I cannot do that if I know nothing about the subject, which is why I am asking this here.   Try to Stay Well, anyone reading.

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  • Greetings Miss Kitsun... I feel I owe an reply to this, though this Thread has helped enough (for Me) towards understanding a thing that I could not know.

    Do you find it less easy to see/judge how people are feeling on the internet as opposed to face to face?


    I could write a lot more, but for Myself, one simple fact was explained right there: I did not know if You were Male or Female, for a start. (!) & YES I know that in many ways this should not matter... but this is just ME. I could cite false Posts, Chatbots, Grooming... that sort of thing... but I do not want to discuss that here. Including Hacking, Trojans, Falsifications... I only say such things because I know a bit about how they work (technically)... as I say, this is ME, and these things occur constantly when I use the Internet.

    You are correct in all that You say, there. I take people at "face value", but then I consult My own Experience. I cannot do much else (Experience means My own and what I observe happening to others in a pertinant situation. I cannot really say more than that.) As You see, if reasonable opposition is presented, then I can reasonably present support or arguments.

    Thank You again, but I am now uncertain of the direction of conversation now and so I close this Post. I always try to be neutral, but cannot do so without all of the facts, basically. ...Also, in case You or anyone missed My often Posting this... I am not good at "chit chat" and become VERY nervous at it. So, Thanks again anyway, though, certainly...!