Yoga / Pilates ! CONFUSION. Help please

Started going to this really good, small, personal Pilates class. My posture and flexibility are extremely poor so I need to go even if I don't enjoy it just yet.

finding it all so difficult, the bright room, the cool soft jig saw like floor, the sun rising, car lights passing by, even the dust particles floating around the room, always bright and colourful, all distracting. Iv ADHD along with autism. I get confused by what the teacher says, she is the best iv ever had but I get confused by left and right so easy, how to do the proper breathing and what piece of body she is talking about. Always facing the wrong way or does my the wrong thing or moving the wrong piece of body. Also not feeling the 'pain' like the rest of the class does.

was thinking to buy my own mat and write front/back on it along with left/right but before I do that writing left on my left hand, right on my right hand , just until I get money to buy my own mat. Is this stupid?? 

Has anyone any tips or advice on how else to make the classes easier and more manageable? My social worker reckons it's only a matter of time until I get used to going and used to the teacher correcting my stance/posture and relax when she touches me. I'm elated for a couple of hours after the class but by the afternoon/evening I am nearly having a meltdown with all sorts going through my head . The same every night before I go, I'm a bit angry , anxious and nervous so not sleeping well.

i like the teacher and the time and place and really don't want to give up but finding it so extremely difficult and so ill before and after that I'm doubting it's worth it but I know it will be worth it if I can just get it to be a bit easier mentally.......


  • No, not at all stupid. Honestly, I do things like this all the time and whenever people notice, they have never made fun of me and the writing on the hand,  left and right, is an excellent idea and one that I’m   going to adopt as this is one of the things that I forget ~ imagine what I’m like giving directions! Lol!    

    With the Pilates, maybe decide to focus on one thing at a time, for example, focus more on your breathing, rather trying to follow exactly the movements. It’s hard to say because I don’t know what you’re doing in the class but I would definitely mention it to the teacher as she will then be able to make adjustments for you. Also, ask her for some simple relaxation exercises that you can do by yourself on the evening to help with the racing mind etc. One that I do, is put your bum against a wall with your legs up against the wall, so your head is laying back. Your in like a letter ‘L’ position against the wall. Put a blanket under you and maybe a cushion under your head and relax like that for 20 minutes or more. It’s surprising how relaxing it is. But your teacher who knows you is probably best placed to recommend exercises. Also, do you listen to any kind of guided meditations?

    These things do take a while though, like your social worker said and I’ve noticed that it takes me a while before I start warming to any new situation. But I would definitely have a word with the teacher and just tell her what you’ve told us and she’ll be able to make sure you get the most out of her teaching. 

    Does she play music while you’re doing it? Would that help or would it be another distraction? Are there times you could wear an eye mask? Good yoga teachers are like gold dust so I would hang on to her if you can and I’m sure she’ll be really grateful if you told her how you feel because it gives her an opportunity to help you get the most out of the lessons. I’ve been in classes where people sit on a chair the whole way through because that’s the best they can do and they get benefit. Your teacher will know how to make it easier for you.