Public Transport to School

I have trouble in school already, all of the classic anxiety around being diagnosed late and always being the kid that was slightly weird but no one knew why. For these reasons school is a stressful place. I love learning and stuff but the halls between lessons and some of the mean teachers make it a nightmare. I'm in my last year at my current school and I can't wait until it's over. Just getting through this last bit should hopefully be a breese. It was going to be too. Then I found out that my normal ride is going to be out of town for a few weeks so I'll have to get to my personal hellhole using the dreaded public transport. Any ideas of how I can make it easier?

I have headphones but when I put them on I worry I'm breathing too loud so I stop breathing then I have to take them off and every sound overwhelms me. It's a nasty cycle. A lot of bullies take the bus and I'm always worried my face looks weird or my skirt is showing my knickers and they'll make fun of me. It's quite funny to look back on but completely crippling when I'm in the moment. I have no idea what to do.

  • I was in a similar situation myself. I usually had someone to provide me with a lift to school. I had never used public transport to get to school and was so terrified about being on the bus with others, especially a busy bus ride with lots of others from school (the crowds, the noise, the bullies, etc.). I had to use public transport for a little while at one point. My solution was to get an earlier, quieter bus, which would get me to school extremely early but better to be waiting at school than having to deal with the issues of the normal time bus. Then after school, I'd hang around to get the later bus, or part walk until I could get a quieter bus to travel on. It may not be the solution for your circumstances but it's an option to consider to simply get an earlier bus.