eligible care needs

hello all,

does anyone know if an eligible care need being removed from a care plan means anything ? if so what ? decrease in budget ? less support ?

i had a needs assessment a year ago and the council have been slowly killing me off with their nonsense. First they didn't want to do an assessment so it took 3 months for them to get their butts in gear and do one. Which they messed up so badly I complained to the LGO. And that got me nowhere so I said to the council I'll accept what they have written in order to get some budget/support in place. After another delay they calculated a budget which was low low low...but they wanted financial information and made it sound like they needed receipts for everything before anything else could happen. They would not accept my income/outgoings via email so i had to struggle with their forms. In the end though they accepted a bank statement  and didnt look at receipts or even care what I spent my money on.  After 10 months messing around I knew my contribution and thought support planning would start. BUT NO....they decide that my assessment is out of date despite there being NO significant changes to my circumstances or abilities in the year and having been in near constant contact with them they know everything is the same EXCEPT i got a dog a few months ago.

Because I have a dog which I walk in the same field that I was walking alone in before getting her the council have said accessing the community is no longer an eligible need. Basically the council seem to be saying get rid of my dog and walk alone or lose something or another somehow or another. They are also saying because I have a friend that I spend time with once a week at most that I have a social circle....which at most is more like 2 3rds of a triangle ! Its not like we do anything or go anywhere. I can't get anywhere without assistance and he is tired from working all week or too busy catching up with bits and pieces. The council would probably prefer me to spend time doing nothing with someone and it breaks up the week having someone to talk to...but does not seeing this person make a difference to care plan budgets outcomes etc ??

I just wish legal aid and solicitors were an option. There needs to be more access to legal assistance because I seem to have asked a handful of solicitors for help and they are all busy. If anyone knows of any solicitors or how to find one please let me know. I may have emailed them but maybe not. At the moment though the council have had over a year of saying and doing what they want and they aren't held accountable for their decisions......which is doing my head in !!