slow release melatonin?

i’ve been taking melatonin since june, before i got a diagnosis.

it has been working very well for me and it completely changed my life, i honestly don’t know how i survived on around three hours of sleep a night for so many years!!

but recently i have been waking up very early, around three or four in the morning. sometimes i can’t get back to sleep because i wake up feeling panicked. i’m not sure if this is caused by anxiety.

i’ve heard of people talking about “slow release” melatonin which helps prevent people from waking up in the night as well as getting them to sleep. it might be something that could be useful for me. 

does anyone know anything about this?

  • I have heard of it, but I have not come across it as something you can buy, I think the slow release ones have to be prescribed although I am not 100% on that. Sorry I'm not more helpful