School Anxiety

Hello, I am ㄒ爪乙 and I would be very appreciative for some help / advice on how to cope with my anxiety which I commonly get within the period of time which is school.

When I am in school, it gets quite crowded, especially for a school with over 1000 pupils, the fact that it's crowded doesn't bother me, as I like small spaces. The thing that bothers me is the noise which is generated within the crowds, as it sets me off and causes anxiety, but the noise is worse when I'm in a classroom.

The school provides a lot to try and help me, but still I get anxious, my tech teacher has provided a sound frequency test to see what sounds I should avoid, but there hasn't been anything on that recently.

The lesson which is the worse (in terms of noise) is surprisingly, maths (top set). Everyone in the classroom talks and moves stuff, which is even more surprising since this is a secondary school, the table behind me makes the most  noise, bangs the table and pushes the table into my back, I break down and cry sometimes because of the anxiety of which it causes me. any help/advice would be appreciated.

Thank you to anyone who is willing to give me advice.