I need to get a little money to do what I want in life.

Okay, my first thread...

I need some money, not much. I know I cannot work or rather regular work doesn't suit me. I'm not particularly skilled in anything and that makes things even more difficult.

I have no social connections and so asking for cash-in-hand work is likely out of the question. I'm only receiving JSA and would have to starve without it. A few months ago my rent had increased and my computer broke down and so took measures to account for these, and the result is not much money left. I'm in a better position than most since I only eat one male a day on most days, and do intermitten fasting, and that saves some money.

So I was thinking about dog walking because I like dogs and I could charge £3 per hour and make a few quid. A lot of people have dogs in Wigan, but I see a lot of dogs getting walked too.

My first hurdle is getting the word out. I need a business card but I am told that they can get expensive.

Nothing is certain in life so I've given up seeking certainty. Everything is a wild stab in the dark, like throwing a dice and seeing if you'll get a six.

But why am I asking you this? Why do I need external validation? I am not sure. Perhaps there is a part of me that still clings to the illusion that people can help?

  • As people have said, Vistaprint do cheap business cards - they do offers every now & then.

    Dog walking - this is almost entirely done via facebook these days - find your local area facebook pages and see what people are offering. You will need insurance. Are you any good with dogs?

    There are other local, low start-up cost businesses like washing cars down your road - not much fun in this weather but it's easy to do, only requires buckets etc.

    Window cleaning is much harder - balancing on ladders while working is hard on the legs.

    Casual gardening is easy too - but disposing of the debris is hassle these days.

    Offering something simple like weeding or painting sheds & fences is easy too.

    Putting new felt on a shed roof is straight forward too.

    There's lots of small jobs that people will pay cash for - you might want to make your business cards a bit more versatile listing lots of services that you can offer. Most are outside, heavy or dirty so nicer to do when the weather warms up a bit.

    Will putting yourself 'out there' risk your benefits?

  • I forgot about insurance. I'm okay with dogs. I owned a dog once. I don't have DIY skills or anything like that. I like the idea of expanding my services though. Will it risk my benefits? Yes most likely, but what other option is there?

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  • If you're fit, what about asking a local small builder if he needs any labour? They normally pay cash with no questions but will work you hard for your money.

    Is it worth doing some quick practical college courses to gain some skills?

    There's also Men's Shed https://menssheds.org.uk/ These are retired old boys who repair and make things for charity - I'm sure they would be pleased to teach you to do practical things like making planters out of recycled pallets or fixing electricals etc. - they get your labour while you get some skills which you can use to make money.

  • Labouring is great for fast cash! I wouldn’t do it for less than £150 per day. That’s about going rate in the south 

  • If you want cash, you'll probably be looking at £75-100. A tradesman will work for £200 (I had 2 guys dig some foundations for me & fill them with concrete for £250 last year)

    You're also in competition with foreign workers who may undercut you.

    If you get known for your graft & reliability, you may get £100-120.

  • In my area tradesmen work for £250 per day upwards. Some are way more. 

    I live in Oxfordshire though - average house price around here is astronomical. So £250 per day is actually just average. 

    I guess what I’m try to say is - don’t undersell yourself

  • Hi price and low quality is the reason - I teach my self and DIY. Unless the tradesman is autistic - then I would say they’ll be exceptional

    indeed my only tradesman I use is almost certainly autistic. That’s my electrician - he knows I think he’s on the spectrum :D

  • I'm a chartered engineer, living in NW London - I live in one of the most expensive areas in the UK.

    I can do (and am qualified in) every building trade except plastering (a career of standing in the naughty corner facing the wall never appealed to me).

    I pay contractors for things I want done fast or things that are just brutal labour like digging. At £250 per day you're being fleeced. That's £70K. Electricians and plumbers don't make that (I know lots of them and 50k is considered very good).

    I do my own plans and building regs too to make sure I get what I want (typical aspie - relying on others introduces risk or disappointment).

  • My friend who’s a plumber and lives in London, makes in excess of £70k but he works for himself and gets his own jobs so I guess that makes a difference. 

  • I know that’s what professional charge in Oxford becasue I know them and their customers. Personally I won’t do any work at all for less than £30 per hour minimum. 

    Its not an argument or anything like that - I just know what true cost of living is and how much o earn and what my friends earn. 

    My father charged £250 per day as a sparky in 1997. That’s a fact not an opinion. 

  • I’m drawing a line under this chat becasue it’s like an NT conversation - bragging over who earns what :)

  • My father charged £250 per day as a sparky in 1997

    1997? That was long before the Eastern Europeans turned up. Pie in the sky these days.