help and advise in London

dear all, 

i am writing on behalf of my brother who is 17, and is diagnosed with autism and epilepsy. we live in London and he attends college. he has speaking and communication issues, and, in turn, behaviour issues too.  as of the last 18 months, his epilepsy has gotten drastically worse, and so we are seeking private specialist support, for both his autism and epileptic. 

i am not too certain how private healthcare works, and so a consultant seems like the first step. but advise on where to start will also be appreciated. 

both my brother, and myself are in need of help and advise, 

kind regards, 

  • If you have some sort of private healthcare scheme then I think your GP can usually refer you to a private clinic. (That's how it worked for me in the past.)  If you're thinking of paying for it directly, then it might be worth speaking to your GP to see if the same would hold or if he can recommend some good clinics in your area.

  • Speak to your insurers first and find out if your policy covers whatever investigations you are looking for - if it's covered, do some Googling and find the best person in the area then you just get your GP to write a direct referral.

    If your policy doesn't cover it, you can just gfet your wallet out and pay yourself - but it can be expensive.