Evil ‘survey’ a thinly disguised attack on people who are claimed to be high in the autism spectrum

I came across this ‘survey’:


it seems to me to be a bogus survey and an attack on people who are not neurotypical.

- The questions are framed to be negative and to elucidate negative responses.

- The questions are framed on the implicit assumption that the respondent is not responsible for any bad things in the relationship

- Even though there are only 50 respondents, the ‘results’ are presented as if significant and worthy of consideration 

- The respondents are self-selected, presumably from those who are not satisfied in their relationship

- No evidence is presented that those described as ‘high on the autism spectrum’ actually are, the diagnosis is bogus

- Even if the people complained about are high on the spectrum there is no evidence of how high, it is all lumped together

- There is no evidence that those complained about have any comorbitities

  • Usual, almost criminally sloppy research. Solicit responses from ND people in abusive relationships with an NT partner and the results would be even worse.

    That so called ‘established experts’ are associated with the organisations behind this ‘research’, should come as no surprise.

    Blaming the victims is as common in psychology as it is in politics. Try not to let it get you down.

  • Blaming the victims is as common in psychology as it is in politics.

    True.  And it's usually the perps who get off.