PIP O points

I know PIP is not a given and I know there are people worse than me but I have jesus been turned down flat for Pip , In a nutshell  according to DWP I am too intelligent , too cognitive, too insightful and gave eye contact also I speak well and have a good memory .

I have asked for a mandatory reconsideration .

I did sent in my Autism Assessment diagnosis 

  • PIP is scored only on how your problem impacts upon daily living. Can you feed yourself, wash yourself and manage the toilet yourself? Can you sort out your own meds? Can you get to the shops & buy food/clothes etc.

    If so, you score zero.

    To score any points you need to have quite serious problems managing day to day activities.

    I have no idea how a lot of people qualify these days - I'm Aspergers, I have a brain injury, CFS, chronic pain, terrible ulcerative colitis, memory problems, co-ordination problems etc. and I scored zero too.

    I've been told that they are rejecting everyone this year - maybe to sort the wheat from the chaff - those who are seriously ill will have to do without money so they might die and save the country a lot of money and those who are fakers will get a job - and save the country a load of money.


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