17 old son

Hi can anyone give me advice my son is   having intrusive thoughts  but does not want to go to gp 

  • Hello, you could try giving him ashwagandha, a herbal medicine that has helped some sufferers. You can buy it from Amazon.

  • Do intrusive thoughts upset your son or is he just a bit surprised about getting them? 

    If he is upset, do you know why your son doesn't want to go to the GP? Is it actually getting there or is it sharing information about his intrusive thoughts with them? Many GPs now offer an email consultation service which might be helpful. 

    Do you know what the intrusive thoughts are about?  This may be important in order to properly understand any risks to your son.

    As a parent (as well as an autistic person) if the risks to my son appeared to be significant I would talk to my GP and ask for their advice and support.   

    There are many advice and support lines for young people experiencing distress. Some of them accept text and email as well as phone calls. 

    The NAS helpline may be able to offer some helpful suggestions, if you have not already contacted them it might be worth doing so. 

    For me personally understanding the way autism affects the way I think, feel and relate to other people is what helps me the most. Perhaps joining this forum would give your son information, insights and reassurance.