Child hitting- help needed

Hi, we have a 5 year old boy who attends mainstream school. He was diagnosed with autism earlier this year. He is verbal, but limited to simple phrases and sentences.

There is no funding for 1 to 1 atm and the school do what they can to supervise him during the day, however they have limited resources to watch him at all times. 

David does not understand "accidents" (e.g. someone knocking into him or brushing past him) and he can lash out at other children as a result. This is usually by way of slapping, scratching or kicking out. This is to both boys and girls alike..he can also react like this when children invade his personal body space, so is not always unprovoked as such.

David does not comprehend what he has done wrong and whilst he will say sorry if prompted, it does not sink in.

The school are supporting David, there is no talk of excluding him at this point, however it would be really helpful if anyone could give any advice on this matter as we have exhausted all efforts to stop this as parents.and the school are persistantly now calling us in for chats.

We have made scrap books for him, with visual stuff detailing kind hands, we give him a pep talk before bed and before school and constantly attempt to instill gentleness into him. He is a very loving child aside from these outbursts at school

These incidents are now causing us some worry, as other parents have started to complain to the school about their children being bullied. The school have been quick to try and educate said parents of David's condition, however we are starting to get the feeling of being alienated from.other parents when now doing the school runs..

Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Hi, not sure I can give much advice apart from keep doing what you are doing. At 5 it can take a long time for Children to settle into the routine of school and dealing with other children ( this can be true for any child even neuro typical ones) 

    Keep using the visual prompts and talking to him, are the school trying to secure a one on one for him? I know you said that they are supporting him. 

    The school I work in (only lunchtime)  there is a young lad who has asd (my daughter is to but still sorting diagnosis)  he really struggled with that same issue and had alot of melt downs in his earlier years up until he was in year two when he secured 1 on 1 the school kept educating his class mates and the complaining parents and now he is now 9 and doing really well and has learned to cope but the other children have also learned not to invade his space and make him uncomfortable and they in turn have also educated there not so enlightened parents.

    Ignore the looks on the school run I get plenty of them and parents that used to talk to me don't anymore but my feelings are that if they are not understanding then they are not worth the time. Keep positive and focus on that wonderful son of yours.