Working is killing me

We all get tired and stressed from work and we all definitely have our bad days and even bad jobs, but I am finding as time goes on I am coping less and less with work.

I have recently moved jobs due to numerous issues at my last place of work, but I am finding that I am constantly run down, fatigued, stressed and just generally feel unwell as a result of working.  I am in my early thirties and I know we slow down and get tired with age, but I feel ill - not just tired.

My mental health is strained, I am suffering with anxiety and possibly depression, GI issues, skin complaints, respiratory problems, migraines, fatigue, muscles cramps/pain, joint pain, general illnesses etc etc.

Packing my job in is not an option as I have bills to pay, but I also want to work and like having purpose and responsibility - I just wish it didn't take so much out of me.

I have been looking at career changes, but at the moment I cannot financially afford the risks and even then I am not really sure what I could do that would alleviate these health issues.

Most people seem to breeze through life (ok slightly over dramatic) and get a weeks work done without a hitch and then make the most of the weekend.  I spend my weekends and evenings a wreck, just trying to recover to start again.  Are other people like this and just hide it better or is it me?

If I have to work until my late 60s until I retire, I am starting to think I won't make it anywhere near retirement at this rate.

  • I could have written that myself.

    As you've pointed out, lots of people don't enjoy their jobs, or get stressed, but it seems for us aspies, the day to day stuff is what breaks us. 

    I used to work in an office, in an IT department and although I enjoyed the majority of the actual job - working out problems, writing repetitive code etc, the rest of it was awful. Constant interaction with other people, multi tasking, project management and the other general stresses of work.

    I was undiagnosed at the time so it was all the harder. I tended to be the butt of many jokes because I said stuff that wasn't office like, or didn't get/appreciate banter and because I was totally overloaded all the time I made silly mistakes which just made things worse .

    I developed every ailment under the sun. Had hospital admissions, colonoscopies, scans, so many things. It was just my bodies way of screaming for help .

    Then the company went into administration. Brutal loss of income but my wife and I made lots of adjustments and I took some time off work to look after the kids. 

    During that time I was diagnosed and it all made sense. 

    I am now working 2 days a week, night shift, cleaning the spa for a fancy health retreat. It pays ok and I have to deal with at most, 2 other people for a few minutes, over a 9 hour shift. It is wonderful. Repetitive tasks that have a beginning and end, no stress and no people. 

    I'm lucky in that my wife has a good job so is the main bread winner. Maybe you don't have that, maybe you have the option to tighten your belt a bit and downsize your job, maybe you don't. 

    But it does sound like something has to change. Without knowing more, I'd say your current job isn't going to work out, no matter how many changes they make for you. There will still be people to work with, things to manage and stresses to deal with. I firmly believe that we all need to find jobs that work for us, rather than trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and trying to modify a "normal" role .

    I guess this is why so many aspies are out of work :-(

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