Burnouts and their relation to mental health (article link)

The concept of "autistic burnout" is something that most clinical autism "experts" and mental health practitioners seem blissfully unaware of, and because of this, many autistic people and their loved ones don't recognise it for what it is either - it is easily mistaken for depression or a regression which makes autistic traits suddenly more apparent and disabling. I read the article linked below a few days ago after it was posted elsewhere, and it really clarified the whole issue of burnouts to me, and has made me re-assess many of the "crashes" that I had in the decades before my diagnosis. I believe it may also explain some of the behaviours commonly described by parents here regarding their autistic children.

Be warned, it is a rather long article, and depending on your situation, different parts of it may be more or less applicable to you. In addition, suicide and self-harm are explored in parts of it, which may be distressing for some readers. However, if you ever wondered why a week at work is so exhausting, why socialising makes you want to sleep for days, why your child is a handful at home but good as gold at school, or why you or your child's autism seems to be more or less apparent every time the wind changes, I think you will find it a rewarding read (the rest of the blog contains some fine writing too.)

(LINK) The Autistic Advocate Blog - An Autistic Burnout