My first post (changes in life how do people cope)

Hi :) Hope everybody is well. I've had asperger's well diagnosed about 22 years ago (35 now)

Now there's been a change in my home circumstances (still live with my folks) but that's about to change. How did people.............handle it? (if they had these sort of things going on in their life) I know...............I have been struggling to be honest (Not going to deny that) especially with all the delay's i've had with this (had pretty bad thoughts I won't go into) I got a call the other day though saying that something had finally been found (looks like I have accepted) but now that's going to likely cause other anxiety's in me you know dealing with the rent side of the situation and obviously how to look after myself (I have been promised support though but not sure as to what extent it will be at the moment)

Hope this sounds all OK...................?

  • Hello welcome aboard,I am no expert in this area but I like to think if the support is there for you then things will fall into place, it may take a while and there will be periods of time when anxiety builds up,will your parents be fairly local? Or at least at the end of a phone?

    Anything important like rent then start writing a to do list or get mum or dad to write it for you, when my daughter went to university my wife wrote everything down for her and did a budget and spending list,and she is neurotypical apart from dyslexia,she can read and write.

    It is a big thing for any child moving out of the home so you are not alone in feeling nervous. I assume the place they have found is suited to your needs?

    I am sure others better informed on here will give you specific advice better than me.

    I just wanted you to know you are experiencing what a lot of young adults go through,you have specific needs and challenges but don't be afraid to ask on here if anything isn't obvious.

    take care and keep us updated.

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