Trying to work as a typist

Hi. I'm new to this place. I've got ASD and am considering trying to work for the first time, but, it's more challenging than I thought it would be as I never finished school because of the severity of my anxiety at the time. Because of this I have no grades to use to help me get a job so it's proving a difficult task.

I like writing and I'm interested in being a typist as I do a lot of writing and I think it's something I do well. Doing it professionally seems impossible, I've applied so many times and never heard back. I'm now thinking of going freelance, to build up my experience and maybe make some small money on the side.
I'm unsure of how to do this though but it's something that really appeals to me and I'm sure it's something I could ultimately do professionally. It's frustrating no one professional will give me a chance, I would work hard and write professionally but no one offers the chance to try. 
I'm hoping to start small and get bigger later. But it's giving me a headache thinking about it. I do so much thinking and trying it wears me out.