Why is grey hair on a man OK?

Men always seem to be praised and told they're sexy, a silver fox, when they go grey, but women are under pressure to colour their hair.

I've decided, I'm a silver vixen, I'm good at bin diving and I shriek in the night!

  • Apparently my habit of skip diving is embarassing, as was chasing a large piece of plastic from a large mattress down the street. It was differnt when I turned it into a mini greenhouse though, that was brilliant. I've never understood why people get so possessive of stuff they chuck in a skip, if it's useful to someone else why the fuss?

    Apparently I make all sorts of strange noises in my sleep, growling and hissing, high pitched semi screams, someone once thought I was being eaten by my cats.

    I did actually mean this as a light hearted thread, but many have taken it seriously, I wish there was someway of signalling this intent at the start of a thread

  • I'm afraid I'm on the edge of "mansplaining" my Animal Behaviour degree I took years ago - please forgive me!!!!

    As I seem to remember broadly speaking when you look at multiple research sources across many aspects of sociology/psychology/ behavioural sciences etc.  A man will find "attractive" elements of youth and vigour - the simple biological reason is that women who are young tend to be more fertile, the ones with clear skin and healthy looks appear to be idea candidates for supplying healthy children.

    Women tend to favour an older, richer or more "successful" man - for the same reasons as men select women partners.  If you are going to have children with someone, someone who can provide for your children, who is experienced in life - has made it to his middle years without loosing a limb or falling down a well - then this bodes well as passing on good genes.

    A lot of what we do is hardwired into our DNA in terms of behaviour.

    That said, the latest Magnum ice cream TV Advert features both silver fox and vixen working in perfect unison

    Behind the scenes at The Pleasure Residence | Magnum Ice Cream

    Although a lot is hard wired, it doesn't stop us from making good choices

  • I think there's two sides to it to be honest. I'm almost 50 and I'm really starting to feel bad about my age and how old I look compared to how I used to.

    If I dye my hair and beard to hide the grey I'd be ridiculed, most men won't openly admit to dying their hair but yet women all talk about their next trip to the hairdresser's and which colour they'll have and how wonderful it looks. 

    My hair like all men's has receded, if I had a transplant I'd be the talk of the town. While it's ok for women to wear wigs and have extensions without anyone laughing.

    Mens skin ages too, but if we used makeup we'd be laughed out of the building, while women discuss the hundreds of pounds they spend on the best new makeup, concealers, wonder creams to hide ageing and injections to make them look like Marge Simpson got stung by a bee.

    Men suffer ageing in silence mostly, while women the same age are allowed to enjoy hiding it, men are laughed at when they do. We can end up looking much older than our partners and have to hide the anxiety it causes, because, don't forget, men shouldn't cry or show emotions.....

  • Eventually I believe everything looks good when it is a choice. What you see on a man is his confidence and that's what you like. The fact he doesn't waste his time on his hair color going white. 

    I also chose to stop dying my hair and to not wear lots of makeup. I have white hair in my 30s and I can't wait for them to take over!

  • It's Her Hairy chest that let's Her down.

  • It's sad that grey hair on women is judged. It's a colour we're all heading for and I'll take it gracefully. Due to a condition my hair is already white and though that's not considered a nice colour at my age I personally love it. 

  • Nothing wrong with Mrs Claus. She rocks that white hair lol Laughing 

  • Maybe because Santa Claus makes us all feel cuddly and warm with His white hair.
    But a Mrs Claus ?

  • There is a bit of a stigma unfortunately. There really shouldn't be such pressure on women or anybody to try to keep their appearance looking young. But people do, it's sad. We should all be proud of how we look, whatever age. It's no one else's place to judge us. 

    I did internet dating last year and so many women were using filters on their pics to make their faces smooth and their hair flawlessly perfect. I have a teenage sister and even at her age she's making her pics like this for her social media.

    I feel bad for her. When I was a teenager there wasn't that pressure like there is today. It affects both men and women but there is a lot more pressure on women to look a certain way. 

    I've decided, I'm a silver vixen, I'm good at bin diving and I shriek in the night!

    Haha, excellent. Go and rule the night, be proud of who you are and how you look. Ok hand 

  • I've decided, I'm a silver vixen, I'm good at bin diving and I shriek in the night!

    What a mental image - but not a bad one Slight smile

    I'm at the age where my hair has gone white but also at the same time I have mysteriously grown up through my hairline so am mostly bald with the occasional white beard (when I can't be bothered shaving).

    I tend to keep it all shaved off as it makes me look a good 30 years younger than when it grows.

    Its a shame society have more discrimination against slap heads like me than silver vixens.

    The only bin diving and shrieking I do is after a few too many in the local bar when I fall off the pavement into the rubbish area.

  • I think men are seen to be more attractive the older they are at least that’s the narrative. I don’t know if it’s true but I sure hope it’s true as I am only getting older so who knows maybe my years of experience will attract an eloquent girl or something I dunno lol. I’m only 25 but I feel like an old man at times haha. There are young guys that find older women attracteive too though there are people that are into all kind of things I think. So I would let some grey hair get you down hell I get the odd grey hair or two and I’m only 25 so yeh not a massive deal in the grand scheme of things. Just enjoy your life!

  • Men are like a wine. That’s true, wrinkles and grey hair on men seem to look much better than on us. But I think it’s a cultural thing. It’s the pressure on us to look young. I think that aging with dignity is much more beautiful than trying desperately to stop the time. I have some grey hair and I don’t care about looking old. I’m 36 and still I Hear that I look like around 10 years younger than my actual age or that I have something child like in my face.