Is this an Asperger’s thing? If so what’s it called?

  • Does anyone get a fixation on a thought or see something that they don’t like but for some reason they have to keep on thinking about it or looking at it even if it’s distressing. Almost like a compulsion even though you don’t like what it is. It’s an embarrassing example. But I recently was informed about a sexual practice I found repulsive and weird but can’t stop thinking about it for some reason. Sorry for the weird example, it’s the most recent one. Is this an Asperger’s thing. If so what’s it called?
  • Sounds more like OCD, in terms of compulsions.

    You may find this article below helpful:

  • That sounds familiar. I believe autistic people can become fixated on certain things. I believe autistic people can be quite territorial and believe their possessions are there’s and can be quite territorial about it. It’s interesting. I was similar as a child I didn’t like to share my toys with others because I had a strong sense that they were mines and mines only lol. I guess it’s just a different brain that works in different ways I would try not to overanalyse or look to deep into the matter as that can mess with your head. Sometimes things just are. And yes it sounds like OCD in the mild range. Probably somewhat like most people have. If anyone hears about something they find unpleasant it is normal sometimes for people to feel compusled to look at it or learn more about it. It’s just curiosity sometimes. I mean why is there videos of fatal car crashes on the internet with millions of views. I believe people are curious to see these kinds of things for some reason. I try and stay away from anything I find to be unpleasant or depressing.

  • I'm diagnosed with OCD alongside my autism. The OCD charity website has a lot of information regarding OCD which is really good, I was trying to understand why I was diagnosed with OCD alongside autism and when I read more detailed info about it on the OCD charity website it completely made sense to me then.

  • I too have similar episodes, I was diagnosed with OCD before I received my ASD diagnosis. 
    I have had long spells where I’m compelled to look up and research some  horrid things. It can be really distressing. 
    I think it’s just part of what I do when exhausted. It can take an age to break habits.

  • I get that. It would be nice if anyone had some techniques to deal with it.

  • I didn't. It was long and fluffy and I couldn't find anything actually helpful in it like coping strategies so I stopped reading about halfway through.

  • Similar obsessive ideas enter my thoughts. I do not know how to describe what I do, but I ruthlessly mentally stamp on them and reject them. I know that these types of thoughts would rule and ruin my life, if I let them. One thing I have noticed is that doing this straight away is the most effective way of dealing with them. My psychiatrist said that these intrusive thoughts were a facet of my autism, rather than a separate condition.

  • Have you tried meditation, trying to stay in the moment. 

    If you imagine you're the sky and your thoughts are the clouds, try watching the thoughts come and go just like the clouds. 

  • Welcome back to your autistic community, Daniel!