BUPA approved ASD assessments?

Hi all,

Is anybody here aware/had experience of BUPA aporoved clinicians that conduct ASD assessments?

And can anyone recommend any BUPA approved clinicians, ideally in the North West but also other regions near by?

I have had approval via my BUPA work health insurance to have my ASD assessment privately funded - whicn is fantastic in theory/cuts out the waiting list.

However, the list that BUPA have given me is not very useful - so far all of the people they have given me to contact do not actually assess ASD, they do ADHD...

I have been going in circles, BUPA are still struggling to accurately identify anyone that can do this assessment. I am.now getting stressed/anxious it won't happen, even though funds are approved.

Would be great to know if anyone has successfully had a BUPA sponsored ASD assessment - if so who conducted the assessment/where?