waiting time

how long did you wait for your adult assesment ,  ive been told in excess of 10 months before mine.  does in excess mean thats the minimum amount of time and might be longer, thancs

  • Hi,  the average waiting time at the moment for  an NHS diagnosis is 2-3 years. 

  • It means at least 10 months, but possibly more. How long you wait depends on your area and what funding they have. I waited about 12 months for mine and I am in Wales.

  • Blimey, even the NAS was about 10 months for me. NHS is years!

    We have a diagnostic crisis I'm afraid and it's got worse over the pandemic 'cos we've all been in doors researching and realising for ourselves why we are different from everyone else and exactly like the folks here.

    But don't lose heart. While you wait your turn there's nothing stopping you self identifying, researching and implementing the solutions that work for you.

    But yeah, been through it and the wait is awful. Chin up!

  • Without reminding them it might extend to 4 years (my case)

    you would have to do it more often than once every 6 months  so they tag you as urgent case, and then next time push towards top of the list,

    otherwise the opposite happens, because someone else is being pushed towards the top, 

  • Mine was around 3 1/2 years, but that included the lockdown, and having to be referred out of county for a second opinion assessment, as my local team gave me a screening apt and decided I was anxious and did not need an autism assessment.

  • my dr told me 3months ago the waiting time in the uk was over 5yrs an the office was shut due to many cases so i went private just got my new prescription an it was £90 *the pharmacist pretty much ran up and kicked me square in the balls*

  • In 2019 I was told the wait was about 2 years for adults. It is a bit longer now. I went private. I could not wait, and could not trust the NHS process in my region.

  • Mine was through the NHS and took just over 3 years in the end. It was very stressful having to go through it as well as all the waiting.

  • It took 6 years for my autism assessment, finally diagnosed in 2019.

    it took a decade to get diagnosed with ADHD, finally diagnosed formally. This month.