Pacing as a stim?

I do this in my house. Pacing from kitchen to living room, my wife is thinking of putting me in a looney bin, she understands a little why I do it. I do it to soothe me from anxiety and it is a bit ocd for me as I have to reach a certain amount of steps, which then becomes a little annoying. I suppose it keeps me fit. And also in my back garden I do it.

  • Hey,

    I've seen this quite a lot, so you're definitely not alone! My boyfriend does it often, especially whilst on the phone as a form of stimming. 

  • I do this when I have to make or take a phone call.  I literally walk around in circles in my kitchen.

  • I move about the place when using my phone, too. 

    I must remember to destroy those kids after my breakfast has been eaten! :) 

  • I used to do it as part of my teaching approach, moving around a horseshoe of students, keeping them guessing whose turn it was next etc. i also used to pace around the room while the students were doing mingle activities, to both make sure they were basically doing the required task and also to occasionally join in the activity myself. I guess most of them knew i was a bit eccentric, but it rarely seemed to bother them. It kept us all on out toes really. And yes, I do consider what I was engaged into to be a form of stimming. I found that it really helped me to concentrate on their response, and reflect on what should best happen next. At the time I came to a self-realisation, I was actually doing a video observed class. I was partly alerted by the stimming, but also by my whole general manner in the classroom. I still figure that it was a constructive and productive approach. And not without humour.

  • walk around in circles

    oh yes, same here, I do not like phonecalling at all.

    and then there is pacing to focus my thoughts, works if I can make at least 5 steps forward, then turn around, and again 5 steps forward, I do hand stimming along pacing as well

  • Hi Gaza69! It is totally normal. Sometimes l’ll pace in my home. I tend to rock back and forth and flap my hands when I stim. Pacing is considered a stim and again it’s totally normal 

  • eh i do that when im waiting, especially waiting outside for a lift, walking back and forward out of boredom probs even thinking i could have walked back at the amount of steps i dont waiting lol

  • Yes, Gaza. I do this a lot when I find myself forced to wait for something to happen or I'm made to wait to be able to do something. It can be very soothing especially when combined with visual stimming, such as counting objects around me, or staring at them in a certain sequence. Occasionally, repetitive blinking and/or covering and uncovering my eyes works too. 

  • haha I used to something like that as a kid, I arranged objects on a shelf where sun was shining in the afternoon in a specific way so shadcows never touched themselves, and then I would watch them dance by moving my head

  • I enjoy pacing too. It's also light exercise.