PCR test

Soo..... I've just rang 119 to try find out the best option for me, as I've started displaying symptoms of covid today. I can't have anything go to the back of my throat, let alone for the 15 seconds it takes for them to take the sample.

119 referred me to my GP as they're unable to advise of best practice for someone with ASD. I can't get through on the phone and directed to book an appointment online. No appointments available until 28th.

What has other people's experiences been like getting a test? Or is it just a case of assuming I have it and hoping work don't demand me to come in because I haven't got a positive test result.

Or is there a nasal version of PCR test that the person I spoke to on 119 wasn't aware of? 

  • I ordered some from NHS and they were nasal ones.  It is a Flowfelx product the title on the packet is SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test (Self-Testing)

  • At the Covid testing sites here they pass the swab through your car window and you do it yourself. Tonsils first and then up one nostril. We did have some lateral flow tests at work that were just nasal swabs. They make me sneeze really badly so I usually direct it onto the swab especially if I haven’t been able to do it for long enough. If you have a runny nose rather than just a cough then just using it nasally should be sufficient to pick up enough virus

  • Also as an addition I am quite sure your GP will not want you anywhere near the surgery with Covid symptoms so I’m not sure what 119 are expecting them to do exactly

  • All the GP will say is book the normal test and only take the nasal swab. 

  • Here is some supplemental information I believe to be useful for those who will otherwise have very few options offered to them if they get Covid. (based on the experiences, of the very few people I know personally who have caught the virus. .

    It isn't a mainstream source, but the mainstream is not the only source of good information  I have found. YMMV!


    The NHS provides home DIY lateral flow tests, so you can diy infront of a mirror if you have enough backlighting and it's slightly easier DIY'ing the swabbing yourself. 

    Full Disclosure: Whether the option I have provided is the best option for you to take, is a matter for your own mind but the "Golden rule" tells me that sharing it is the morally right thing to do, despite the fact that in some places (like youtube) this information is treated as a heresy.

    I'll go and check the rules again, and self delete this if it appears to be in breach of them. Nowadays simply having good intent is not acceptable, you need to follow da roolz!

  • I’ve had a quick read, it doesn’t seem to be misinformation but readers will need to bear in mind that most of the articles are related to the USA and India so they may mention medicines or medical practices etc that aren’t licensed for use in the UK or Europe (or they refer to medicines by different names eg they call paracetamol something completely different)

  • My trouble is that I am unsure of how much of what I choose is sensible, when it goes against what everyone else around me believes. Wehn I first leanered about thsi mystery virus sweeping towards us from china, and saw the videos of people falling over at their desks and in the street, unlike most people, I just went upstairs and got my S6 respirator out. I then ordered some UV-c lighting chiefly for the "front hall" so I could inactivate viruses on incoming post, my outdoor clothes etc. and sat back waiting for further information to appear. IN due course, the figures coming out of china one I got more than ten days worth gave me a rule of thumb indication of how many people survived their initial diagnosis, and the figures were very frightening, so during the phase where the virus was initially most active if I HAD to go out, I wore my respirator, and did my drills. Eventually I got sufficient anecdotal evidence to convince me that I could most likely survive the virus, using my own immensely capable immune system and some Augmentation. But that's not how everyone else around me has acted, so I may well be considered by many to have been the fool in this story. I just keep self testing myself, with the NHS lateral flow tests, and try to keep out of harms way... Apparently the vaxxed and the unvaxxed are now arguing amongst themsleves as to "who spreads it the most", rather than focussing on the vexed question of why is this the fifth or sixt novel virus to emerge in recent history, and if it came foorm a lab, could we PLEASE stop doing this stuff, it's a pain in the ****!.