Romantic relationships between nurses and patients

I'm not sure how many of you know this but there are several cases in the news every year in which a female nurse is struck off from the nursing register for engaging in a sexual and romantic relationship with a mental health patient.

A few things I strongly believe in and which idealists put down in the American Constitution - arguably the greatest legal document ever written - are the freedom of association, freedom of speech and the right to pursue liberty and happiness.

I believe nurses and patients should be allowed romantic relationships. I almost got involved in one myself with a female mental health nurse who flirted with me somewhat outrageously. She would say to me during many appointments "You're looking really good" "That coat adds an air of mystery to you" and one time said to me "I'm trying to get my body bikini fit for the summer", and would flick her hair or play with it while talking with me.

One time she gave me a lift in her car (she offered to do so) and when she parked up there was an awkward moment where we looked at each other and there was palpable sexual tension. I didn't pursue it because she was married but anyhow I don't see why these sorts of relationships shouldn't be allowed.

My argument is many people who are severely mentally ill and/or Autistic - and there is a great deal of overlap there - do not have that many romantic opportunities and a mental health nurse, for example, might understand someone like me more than an average person, and dating is indeed a lot more difficult for an Autistic and/or mentally ill person.

Well, as I said every year there are several cases in the news where a female nurse is struck off and sacked for having a relationship. Sometimes they become crazily in love with a patient and can't even hide it, admitting it to their manager or getting caught because their passion is so strong. The nurse I mentioned earlier unprompted gave me her personal phone number, quite an unusual thing and I'm sure not the standard procedure. 

I won't be surprised if most of you disagree with me and the fact that I've found no one yet who agrees with me on this makes me feel people are very curious.

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