My son feels empty

Hi There. My son is 21, nearly 22. He currently lives with his Dad, but hes staying with me  at the moment. Hes told me today he feels empty, like his stomach just swirls with knots, he couldnt really elaborate anymore but, Im thinking he maybe depressed or anxious.

He works full time, and was learning to drive, but covid put a stop to that and hes now stuggling to find an instructor thats willing to take him, hes already  spent 3k on lessons, so hes feeling pretty rubbish about not being able to carry on. I know hes lonely, he does spend alot of his free time on his own, hes got a great relationship with my parents who live near by and see him often, as does his Aunty and Great Grandparents, but hes said its not enough, he wants his own friends, who he could socialise with, he has no problems when meeting new people and starting a conversation he just struggles with maintaing it. He has aspirations to do more than what hes doing he just doesnt know where to start. So thats why I'm here, any advice or info would be greatly appreciated.... Many Thanks T

  • With his stomach it does sound like anxiousness, as I get the same, especially when I overthink. 

    But I feel/felt the same as him, I didn’t actually get my first real friend till I was 27. Some things take time, mine was luck as he was a neighbour too.

    Maybe get him to join an art class or something…which I know isn’t easy for us, haha. But just being somewhere different will help with how he’s feeling. Even doing volunteer work. 

    And I have 4 different driving instructors before I felt comfortable with someone, which took 2 years. I do think driving is one of the most important things we can do, he won’t regret it when he passed his test!

    also, feel free to get him to join us on here!

  • Hi, T. He sounds like a lovely young man. Do you think he might benefit form joining this forum. I know of one young man on here around the same age (and I'm sure there are others). Maybe this could be a stepping stone for him to talk to people of the same age. In my area, I know of a really inclusive group which offers free creative sessions. There are many people in the group have made some meaningful friendships. Its members are of a variety of ages. 

  • Connection with likeminded people here will help him. 

  • i agree with others get him on here so he can practise socialising