What do you folks do to circumvent/cope with smell sensory overload?

Looking for any new coping strategies!

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  • Basically everything. Anything that is strong that I cannot get away from. Summertime is the worst because the windows have to be open, but people have bonfires every night (close to allotments) so constantly smelling smoke, sometimes all night.

    Also lots of roadworks every year in summer which brings smells of hot tar, exhaust, dust from pneumatic drills, sometimes even sewage smells. I have a fan in my room that is pretty much always on, and I have different coping strategies like lavender bags, mint chewing gum, I even place badger balm on skin under my nose after seeing that trick used by detectives in crime shows! (They use vicks vapour rub before going to see a dead body). Unfortunately, vicks has other issues going on with it because of the camphor in it, so that was a no go.

    I look around a lot at different autism shops selling coping tools and there seems to be stuff to help with every other sense - headphones for noise issues, coloured filters for light sensitivity/Irlen syndrome, sensory textile stuff for touch, etc. But nothing ever for smell except for those with hyporesponsivity (smell scratch cards, different exploratory tools, etc). I keep hoping to find something like a vinagraitte somewhere but can't get one and just find it odd that there seems to be nothing to try to help those with smell as their biggest overload problem.