The STRIDE Programme

I'm returning to that Employability Scheme with Ulster Supported Employment Ltd for the next five months.

I gave the Supporting Officer a Cc copy of an application form for a job in Omagh that I applied for. However, I'm not doing this with much hope. I'm acting as if the miracle will happen.

I am pretty good in the office but I feel that employers assume that Admin roles are for women.

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  • Thanks.

    I got to sleep, but didn't get up until ten. Then, I had several errands to run; including a trial run to USEL's Portadown office - which was shuttered. Then I went to various other locations; including a Farm Supplies shop to buy weedkiller and my Optometrist to collect my prescription sunglasses.

    I was pi$$ed off on the way home and had quite a few heart-in-mouth moments driving today.

    But, I survived unscathed. A miracle.

  • Good life motto "Survived unscathed. A miracle"