The White Rice Secret

I'm losing weight fast. I never thought it would be this easy. Every meal I'm eating white rice with or without chicken and vegetables. 1 gram of white rice is 1 calorie. 100g of white rice is quite a big plate. Basically rice takes up more space on a plate, for its weight, than the equivalent for many carbs. It's also really easy to digest.

Ever wondered why so many Thai, Indian, Chinese people are thin? It's because they're eating more white rice than bread, pasta and potatoes. 

1g of the healthiest bread, a sourdough, contains 3g of calories.

1g of spaghetti contains 2g of calories.

1g of potato contains only 1g of calories but potatoes are hard to digest.

But even better than the weight loss is I feel less stressed and anxious. Ever noticed a lot of Thai people seem laidback? Maybe it's the white rice. Note: Brown rice is harder to digest because it contains anti-nutrients that evolved in the rice grain to protect itself from being eaten by predators. White rice is brown rice that has had its husk, bran and germ removed.

Most athletes eat white rice as it's great fuel for physical activity. 

If you put a piece of bread on a plate weighing 100g it won't fill your plate much at all. 100g of white rice will. And while 100g of pasta will fill a plate it won't digest as easily as white rice.

How is it that some Indians are able to run along pulling a rickshaw with their hands, no horse, no car, pulling people along in it? Could it be the white rice?