Support for an adult with autism

Could someone please teach me how to be happy? How to get the support I need? etc. I literally do not know how to unmask. I don't know how to be happy and be autistic. I believe I am suffering from autistic burnout / executive dysfunction / adhd and I just don't know how to cope sometimes. How can I be happy in a world where I can't do the simplest of tasks; I tense up when I am about to wear my trousers because I hate the texture on my skin, I can't fill in forms or write emails sometimes because I get these mental blocks - and I get so nervous about writing emails. I am not getting anywhere near the level of support I need - and it's so hard for me to even get any support even for things like mental health. I get 20 free sessions and then i have to get new ones and I haven't gotten new ones in a while because I just can't bring myself to ask for more anymore - the effort I have to put in and the forms I have to fill; it's just so tiring.

  • If you live in the uk the NHS wellbeing service in your area should be able to offer support , I was assigned a social worker who helps with form filling and accompanying me to appointments ,  For me happiness is something that has come from within i couldn't tell you how to be happy but the CBT i had has helped me to be happier