Cost of Adult assessment


I am new to this community and site. I am currently looking into getting an assessment for ASD (im 26) but I can't find any clear information about costs.

What I want to know is, do you have to pay for an ASD assessment if you are referred by your GP. ie - have your assessment on the NHS. I do know that self referrals HAVE to be done privately and therefore costs a lot of money. When your GP refers you to a service, will the assessment be free?

Many thanks

Side note - I understand part of the assessment is someone who knew you as a child has to fill out a questionnaire, logic dictates this is usually a parent, but I only have 1 parent and they suffer from mental illness in the mood/emotion sense, and I do not want them to know about my assessment or diagnosis. I do not have siblings either. How could I get around this? When they say 'knew you as a child' how young are we talking, because I could give to my friend who knew me from age 12. (this is probably too old, right?)

Any help, much appreciated xx

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