Anyone into fermenting?

Good evening!

I made a cucumber pickle today. A salty one, not a vinegar pickle - those are the two main types.

Got a large cucumber, chopped in half, then chopped into biggish pieces and put in a 850ml fermenting jar. Added water, a tablespoon of rock salt, a sprinkling of dried dill and some peeled garlic cloves. Mixed it all and then pressed down the cucumbers with the glass weight that came with the jar, which pressed the water up to form a moat over the weight, then put the lid on.

The water moat helps to prevent the growth of mold, so I've read. Though I'm also ready to clean the glass weight regularly and skim off any mold that forms on the top of the water with a spoon, which is perfectly normal according to fermentation aficionado Sandor Ellix-Katz.

I bought the glass weight jar because buying a weight that fits whichever jar you have is more difficult, so I opted for a all-in-1 set instead. Also I've made a ferment in the past where I used a stone as a weight and some bits of cabbage managed to always sneak around and rise above it. So that's why I've done a cucumber pickle this time. As they're large pieces they're easier to keep submerged.

After 2 weeks of being kept at room temperature I've read I then need to move it to a fridge to stop the fermentation and help it have a longer life before going off. 

So who else shares this interest?!