Second Hand Smoke As A Child Causing Autism?

Did anyone here have parents who smoked whilst they were pregnant or in the same room as you when you were a child?

Ever since I was born I remember being in the living room filled with smoke. My dad would regularly smoke in the room with me in it instead of going outside, and there would be no ventillation so I was basically breathing this in all the time on a daily basis for all of my childhood and some of my teenage years.

Also my mum says she didn't smoke when she was pregnant with me but I don't believe that is 100% accurate as even if she didn't, my dad has always smoked in her presence so she would still be effectively inhaling second hand smoke into her body.

I done some quick research and found that some people have written papers suggesting that there could be a link between breathing in second hand smoke as a child and autism. Going by my instincts I can easily see how having thousands of toxic chemicals in your body on a daily basis could affect your brain or certain parts of it as it is developing as a child. I have had problems at school and beyond all of my life and think I finally realise why. I know it is not 100% but I do believe a link is there.

It also lead me to find that children breathing in second hand smoke can lead to an ear infection, and I remember having an ear infection when I was younger too.

I do not know anyone else who grew up with breathing in second hand smoke all the time except my cousin from her parents. She has not been diagnosed with ASD but shows some signs, as well as other mental issues such as BPD.

So I would be interested to hear if anyone else diagnosed with ASD had parents that smoked in their early years

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