becoming an adult!

im turning 18 in a month and im terrified.

what support can i get as an adult ?

  • Hi, Emi!

    It will be the best of times/worst of times.

    The NAS - who operate this website and forum - may provide a social club if you ask your local branch.

    Check out this website;

  • Most local mental health departments have an under 25 team - do you have a social worker or any other professionals dealing with you?

    Happy Birthday for next month! 

  • Dear Emi

    The best support is using these forums and connecting with like minded adults who are supportive.

    Also being honest with autism to teachers and future employers helps so they can understand your situation.

    It is much easier to be an adult with autism then an child especially as your maturity will peak. Sure you will have some bad days.