Autism Spectrum Quotient - imposter syndrome

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a search function for this forum, so it isn't easy to see if this has been discussed. If it has, I'm sorry, please point me to an appropriate thread, and I'll go there.

I've taken the ASQ test  ( ) several times over the past decade or so, and score between 22 and 26 - which puts me well below the level at which it is likely for there to be a diagnosis of ASD. Hence my mention of 'imposter syndrome' in the title - I don't think that I am high enough on the scale to belong here.

However, the reason I am writing is that I'm interested in where I can find discussions, and recommendations for people who are sub-clinical. Quite a lot of technical people, scientists, mathematicians and similar, score in this range. Quite a lot of people I interact with at work score in this range.

There doesn't seem to be anywhere for such people to discuss what is not a pathological problem, but is an unusual, possibly atypical, maybe even neuroatypical, response to, and interaction with, the world.

Please could you let me know if there is such a place.