Anxiety and Alcohol

Last night our grown up child went back to Uni, meaning that my wife and I have the house to ourselves again for some weeks.

Both of us were in the mood for alcohol - despite it being Sunday, and a little unusually both of us were happy to open the bottles late afternoon.

I was in a mood that I can't quite work out. It seemed to me to be a mixture of agitation, happiness (wohoo house to ourselves again peace & quiet etc) and almost hypomanic party mood (I'm using hypomanic loosely as I've never afaik experienced true hypomania). I ended up drinking a fair chunk out of a bottle of Vodka, which I knew I would. No problems caused by this, except it's clearly in "binge" teritory and I feel my usual level of mild guilt about my poor liver having to deal with another X units of alcohol.

It was notable that *both* of us felt a desire for this. Normally my wife is quite strict with herself about alcohol (and tries to be strict with me too!). But she felt it. 

I think it was maybe a reaction to the business of having kids at home over Xmas and a final de-stress & decompress.

I don't really know what I'm asking here except can anyone relate, especially to the weird mixture of feelings that feel almost minimal and overwhelming at the same time and are hard to describe?

  • Yes I have a tendency to drink too much especially if my feelings are mixed up in any way or I'm anxious - not just at social events but also if I've had a day that's left me over threshold for people/ stimulation etc