End of relationship

Hello everyone, I am new here and was just wondering if you can advice me or help me to go through this hard time.

My partner of 4 years has just left me, I am absolutely devastated and can’t accept it and move on, I don’t want to either, as I love him dearly. The thing is, he has ASD, and has been only recently diagnosed. I longed for affection and feelings, which he always struggled to show. I did not understand why until recently, but i also have my own issues, suffering from depression and anxiety. Anyway, i really can’t cope without him, I love him more than anything and want to work it out, but he has made his mind up and that’s it. Even though our relationship was hard work, it was also very good, and he is a man I love and cant imagine my life without. I am willing to give everything I can for us, for him, i would suggest relationship counselling etc, but i don’t know how to approach, whether he will be offended or annoyed etc. Please advice me the best way to communicate with someone who has ASD, i feel whatever i say he thinks I am wrong. He only sees one way, his way, anything else is wrong..