Sensory project for Autistic Adults


I am currently a third year Product Design Student, studying at Bangor University, North Wales.

As part of my final year, I have a ‘final major project’ to do. Currently, I am working as an Art Therapist with the local Gwynedd Council; an Art Therapist within the Learning Disability Team for Adults. Therefore, i have been working closely with the adults, who of which have a wide range of disabilities, ranging from mild to severe. They have given me a brief for this major project, which is to design a portable sensory object for an Autistic Adult, who of which is also blind.

To help me along my way, I was wondering if yourselves had any sensory company contact details i could contact who manufacture and design sensory objects for Autistic individuals, children or adults (preferably a company in the UK).

If not, do you have any suggestions of any materials that are best to use, size, shapes etc?

Thank you very much for your time.