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Hi, a close family member has recently been going through some difficulties with his mental state. He has been having therapy for depression and anxiety and has recently done a test giving him nearly full Mark's for having autism. He is finding it very hard waiting to find out where he is on the scale and says he needs help but hes not sure how we can help. If anyone can please give me any knowledge or support on how to help him day to day to try and help him understand a little bit more too. Thankyou :) 

  • Probably better if you get some sort of text, because there are just so many possibilities that if we were to talk about on here it would take for ever. But you can also read and participate on this forum, if you prefer a slower track. The book should be a good starting point, before you get more actively involved in this forum. Free download here:

    It says Asperger's, but it is informative about Autism Spectrum Disorder and its numerous accompaniments. It's a comparatively easy read, and should be useful to him, you and also other family members. I found it immensely useful in assisting self-identification, coming to terms with it and preparing for a diagnosis. You might want to get your own copy. Google it and you should be able to get a recent edition online really quick. You might also find it in a good bookstore. At least you can now check out that link and see if it is really your sort of book. I would favor buying your own copy, because the author, Tony Attwood, has extensive personal and clinical subject experience, and is very practical, vocal and positive. Doubtless, there are more up-to-date texts; but this should get you all started in an uplifting manner.

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    You may like to look at our information about autism spectrum disorders: