Housing options for autistic teen increasingly difficult to live with

My son is nearly 17. He is diagnosed autistic. Since aged 12 he has been increasingly abusive, mostly vebally and on occasion, when he melts down, physical, causing damage to the house and its contents and physically intimidating me, shouting in my face etc. I have called the police on many occasions but now he is nearly 17, they are saying they may prosecute with or without my agreement as they say it is domestic abuse. I am reluctant to cause further trouble for him, particularly as he is finally doing really well at college. It is partly this success and the fact that he is keeping his cool during the day that leads to the meltdowns in the evening.

As he gets older and bigger, and given that I am a single parent, I can see a day coming where his living with me is no longer sustainable.

Anyone got any thoughts/experience with trying to get their teens into independent housing?? Or do I need to prepare myself for the next leg of utter uselessness on behalf of the authorties!!!


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