Imagine being lonely

Now you know what it feels like to be me.

  • Hello Roswell,

    Don't forget, you're not the only one on here who has feelings of loneliness. I don't have a circle of friends. I have never had a romantic partner. I have quite a large family, however I do not feel comfortable telling them how I feel. 

    Feel free to express your feelings on here, we don't judge, we just give each other support.

    God bless.

  • I bought an £85 coat that's 100% cotton, a quality coat. It's cumin yellow. I got treated like an idiot by people because I'm 32 and dress more stylishly than all these other youngsters. 

    There's no one I am that close to anymore. It's a frightening place to find oneself in.

  • I have no one, I'm nothing. It's always the same, wherever I go treated like an idiot. 

  • Hello Roswell,

    I have been treated the same a few times in my life. Dress stylishly if you want, it's a quality that is fast lacking in some younger people. I tend to wear a hat pretty much anywhere I go (Flat cap or Trilby). Those that make fun of you have no style whatsoever (Trousers hanging round their ankles, clothes that leave nothing to the imagination etc.). Even I sometimes struggle to understand the fashion sense of a lot of people my age!

    You could lead the new trend!

  • You always struck me as someone who was pretty knowledgeable and, dare I say, popular around here Roswell.  Keep your chin up.

    And sure who gives a flying fiddlers fuuck about what some idiot youngsters think of your attire!  To hell with them.

  • "Earth Angel" from the Back To The Future Soundtrack, gives me some hope!

  • That's a nice song. I hadn't heard it. The alien theme resonates with me.

  • I don't think anyone feels the way I do.

    I recall the time I was in a French mental hospital and I met a beautiful American psychiatrist. She was tall, blonde hair, charming. 

    Or the time I was looked after by a nurse in a hospital near Boston in the USA after collapsing on the street in a heatwave. 

    You meet people you like sometimes and then they're gone, like ships in the night.

    And then, day to day, you come across people you just don't want to know, the hum drum, the tedious, the ones who stick their noses into your business or judge you.

    I went on a one day cooking class in London and a tall magazine model chose me to be her cooking partner and she was warm and friendly as well as pretty. But it is rare to come across someone like that.

  • Thank you. I like the photo of the woman with red patches in her hair.