Single & seeking IVF

I'm single, have Asperger's & am unemployed. Are there any IVF clinics in Southern England that would treat me if I self fund? I already have a teenage child from anonymous at home sperm donation. Sadly the internet sperm donation company was shut down soon after due to 'VAT fraud'. I'm late 30s, possibly have PCOS, so may need IVF. I'm not prepared to ask my GP or surgery for help. Together with social services, they basically accused me of being unfit to parent a child. There was literally no proof of any harm or risk. The only thing that happened was I had a label of Asperger's put on me when my child was 7. Since then professionals have been allowed to use that label alone as if proof of risk. Even though I've raised my child without incident. She is happy, healthy & thriving.

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