Some Advice about Benefits


I am looking for some advice on Housing and Benefits

I am in a bad situation at the moment, have left full time employment earlier which I had done for many years, and have been a relatively high income. I don't feel I can re-enter employment, possibly on a limited part time basis. Main issue is I am renting and although I have funds to support me for a while, when they do run out, I am not going to be able to keep my home. As I am an older single male, I have low priority with council, and will be eventually on the streets. So I am looking to buy a house with some generous support from my family. 

So I am over the limit for income support at the moment, but will qualify after buying a house. My support worker recommended speaking to local job centre, They understood situation, but rejected my claim, my support worker thought we could just get myself on the system on hold so when my situation changes everything was ready.

Out of the conversation around that they said they would need to analyze my spending for deprivation of assets.

This is causing intense anxiety as I have no information about what would be considerred deprivation of assets. I am given examples but they all seem extreme, if I spent several thousand pounds. But it is not clear where cutoff point would be. My support worker mentioned, if it was comparable to your typical spending pattern.

In many ways I live very frugally, I am reclusive so don't have expenses going out, I have not had any holidays, my car is very old. 

There are a couple of concerns

I have been spending a lot online, only "small" amount singularly, but do add up to a "considerable" amount each months. I am in-line with my typical spending, although there has been a bit of an uplift since leaving work. I buy an sell on eBay and was hoping to continue my selling, but things have slowed down. I have returned a fair amount of stuff, but not sure if that is considered for deprivation of assets. It makes my following months credit card payment smaller, but I did not spend all the prior months payment. Majority of this shopping is to expand my interests

I buy and sell on ebay, similarly stuff I have sold and made a profit I feel is making my spending on credit card look higher than it is. 

Another area I am concerned about is the house purchase

I live in 3 bed house, but it is very unusual in UK as the rooms are large, similar to US. I am looking to move to modern house, and will be downsizing, but that is in to a modern 4 bed house. My intention is to cut down one or 2 partitions in the house to convert it in to a more spacious 3 bed or 4 bed.

So am wondering if this would be considered deprivation of asests as I am single person?

I don't feel housing provided by council will be suitable for my needs. I would not last very long in a HMO my mental health would deteriorate. The support I would get from housing benefit for the rent I pay at the moment, would only cover about half of it; even if I downsized to 1 bed studio it would not cover full rent

I am just trying to get a grip on deprivation of assetts

I do want to control my spending, but is difficult to explain. 

  • This is a useful calculator for working out any benefit entitlement -

  • A complex situation, for sure! As a first step, I'd recommend booking an appointment with your local Citizen's Advice Bureau. I have found myself in some very desperate and stressful financial situations in the past due to my lousy money management skills, and they have always been extremely knowledgeable, professional, and most importantly, sympathetic - I have often been awed by their ability to navigate their way through red tape and stubborn jobsworths. Many of their offices have staff who deal specifically with disabled citizens, so make sure to mention any special needs when booking an appointment - though this may mean a slightly longer wait to see somebody, as like all such places, they are having to deal with increasing demand and diminishing resources.