31 year old female talking about housing,funding issues and eating disorders

Hello my name is Sally Payne and I'm nearly 31 years old and I have a diagnosis of atypical autism and anxiety and ongoing eating disorder issues
Fact - I'm. Always going to be autistic, it affects me, in the way that:
1) I done like being touched, or I find it uncomfortable. I have never had a romantic relationship as I couldnt, as it would just be way too close for comfort, I like my space.

2) I like/need routine.
I like to have plans, or at least know what is happening in advance, so I can plan my meals around my day. I like the structure! I like my days to be organised and structured!

3) I am very Honest

4) I am a good visual and  a doer  kind of learner.

5) Social Anxiety... Which Ive always been told, is not noticed, this is because of my determination, eg I make myself do things

Basically I am wanting to say something now and this is both related to my High Functioning Autism and Eating disorder side.

Currently I am working with staff (I moved into a supported living house in Saxmundham Suffolk over a year ago on 7th June 2019.)

Basically my 1:1 support and my care package has been really high because I was unwell, and I quite rightly needed that.
But.. As soon as I am doing better,
(of which I am Mentally - I'm always going to have a fear of being overweight, as my weight has gone up and down so much, but I don't want to focus on weight because I am alive, I'm in a safe place - not in hospital, I'm managing my mental health alot better, I'm happy and enjoying my week's and accepting myself)
Basically because Now I'm doing better mentally,

I'm having people chat to me about cutting some of my support hours,
About me living on my own
They asked me whether  I felt Byways who support me were the right agency to support me... All these questions because of having to make cuts?!
I have said that I would like Byways to continue to support me (as even if they are not specialists, they have got to know me) and If I was to move in to a different house that would have to be with another person perhaps needing a little support too, with Byways coming in twice a day perhaps in the morning and evenings?

(I know .. for some autistic people... might be what they want eg to live on their own, but from past experiences, of which I have to learn from, I Know that living by myself wouldn't be good thing for me, I'd feel lonely,  )
Because even though making conversations can be tiring and  after being social for an evening or day, I will feel tired, I still crave that social interaction.

It's like the system doesn't understand autism and eating disorders?
It's a life long thing I have to manage.

It's all about funding Cuts,
The PIP system/work system
Universal credit is all a struggle too.

It's Not right.