It’s going to be a bad few days with my husband.

My husband is undiagnosed Aspergers. I believe he is also depressed although he won’t talk to anyone about it. 

He was in a bad mood yesterday, the approach of winter is never good, & I could feel it brewing. He does have a temper but sometimes it escalates for days & everything is wrong. He blames everyone else for what is wrong, rants & I hate it. It always make me feel very low. I try not to get involved in arguments if I can & just pray for it to calm down. 

He exploded at our daughter (11yrs) last night (not entirely without justification) & this morning it’s raining. We then discovered that he put his jacket in the wash bin without emptying his pockets & now his wallet is in the washing machine. That is enough to set him off ons downward spiral. I fully expect to get home & find him v drunk! 

Does anyone else have a partner who exhibits similar behaviour?