Lost my fury little friend


I need advice. Yesterday at 9:00am my poor little friend Pippin, a Yorkshire Terrier died. He was suffering from a stroke or a brain tumour; the vet wasn’t sure. He had been a massive support to me over 13 years in the worse of times. My only friend during the night when I was alone.

i can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I feel sick, it has given me a bad stomach. I’ve cried so much and so often that I’ve become dehydrated. He died at home, he didn’t go silently, but he was completely gone, mentally at this point but I was there for the whole thing. It was the worse experience of my life. Thank god my brother was there with me. He was due to go to the vets to be put to sleep but he couldn’t hold out.

he has a brother, Pickles, but he spends all he’s time following my grandmother around. Pippin stayed with me, always.

i can’t focus on anything, I never knew how much he meant to me. He was a rock, a constant in my life, he was always there waiting for me, tail wagging. I know it sounds insane but I would confide in him. I wake up shaking in a panic wandering where he is.

I’ll be getting another friend soon enough but things will never be the same. 

Does anyone have any tips on how to accept it and move on? Or is it just time?

I miss him so much.