Abuse of National Autistic Association Website Guidance

I have recently come across a situation where  the leader of a  governing committee in  a fledgling voluntary educative organisation lifted whole sections of NAS website advice for EMPLOYERS to supposedly ' help '  others within that  voluntary educative organisation to deal with one autistic member amongst several, where they went as far as to create a policy and in that policy identify that one member (named), as the reason for the creation of the policy to even quote the policy was in accordance with Equality at work and Care act legislation for that ' policy' to be well received by the leader's clueless of autism supporters.

That was until I came across it, to know exactly where the wordage was lifted from, to note how certain words had been changed to suit the policy creator's purpose, to also know the policy creator had no knowledge of the acts he was quoting to consider the policy as a document of abuse.

Fortunately following my and a few others negative critique the policy was not implemented, but horror upon horror, if that policy had been implemented !

Oh and the identified autistic person to be limited's crime was their uncanny ability to suspect corruption, to find it and there demand better, to possibly be thereafter seen as a threat to need to be controlled by say a policy specifically designed for the purpose.

To cause me to think is the NAS aware of how what it writes can be used to abuse autistic people, to ask does the website have any instruction stating no part of what it writes can be reproduced?