Social worker

Hello my brother is autistic he's an adult but I feel his social worker is overstepping the line. Such as insisting someone come to our home and monitor his showers - don't worry they're strictly not allowed in the bathroom - I've made that perfectly clear.  Does he legally have to have a social worker? She also wants me to have a carers assessment though when I was also looking after my mum I never had one done. I don't feel I need this. Looking after my brother isn't difficult I'm not under pressure and he can do most things for himself. The household bills etc have all been sorted so the only pressure I have is keeping the house as clean and tidy as possible. I will probably have to call the advice line but any sensible replies are always appreciated. They don't really know my brother like I do and I hate to see him worked up and worried

  • HI, I'd say it depends how autistic your brother is. Has he had a mental capacity assessment, to judge whether he has the insight to make his own decisons?

    You really need to speak to the social worker and find out why they feel it is necessary to monitor him in the shower, maybe they think, and please don't take this the wrong way, that, is it appropriate for his sister to be involved with his personal care, afterall you must have been at some point to know he is good with self care in relation to hygene.

    Trust me Social services don't dish out care unless it is necessary, they have very tight purse strings.

    Also the change is probably the thing thats working him up.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.