Do you find any antidepressants are effective for depression symptoms for those with ASD?

Many reports state there is no good evidence that SSRIs and othe antidepressants are effective for those with ASD. Certinly I have tried about 30 and never found any that helped me. I wonder if anyone has found one that is helpful in depression ( when you have ASD)?

  • I was on Seroxat which my then doctor assured me was the answer to all of my problems(!) It did nothing and as that seemed to be the only thing available at the time, I decided to not bother with anything. I think the best cure for ASD-related depression would be to mix with as many on the Spectrum as possible and learn coping mechanisms from them, the drugs we take only tinker with the symptoms and if we stop things will return to where they were before unless new ways of looking at our lives and ways of dealing with what life throws at us are learned and applied, drugs alone cannot cure anybody.

    I am on Lisdexamphetamine for my ADD-I only started on it 10 days ago- and I have to report that the effect is extremely disappointing,apart from loss of appetite and early difficulties getting to sleep I feel no different. 

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