Social Anxiety Disorder Alongside Aspberger's

Hi I'm pretty sure I have Social Anxiety Disorder but I also believe I have a lot of the traits of someone with Aspberger's. I don't enjoy eye to eye contact , (even with close family members); I don't want to attend social events and am happier on my own; I have obsessive hobbies and tendencies; I carry out all kinds of stimming , (even when I'm alone at home and comfortable with the setting and not really anxious); I'm affected by noise and some lighting situations; I've a "flat" lifeless approach to life with not a great deal of interest in the activities of others or anything really apart from my obsessive hobbies. I can also "go off on one" when on a topic I'm comfortable with and completely dominate a conversation and almost drift off into that world and forget who I'm talking to. However, small talk conversations amongst a group in a pub just becomes noise, and I don't enter the conversation. I've scored 34 and 38 when I've taken the test.

Where I don't marry up with Aspberger's is the lack of empathy with others, and not reading how others are feeling, or not recognising facial expressions, or invading personal space. I'm the opposite of that. I think I read people very well.  I'm a highly emotional "weepy" person, where things I hear, such as people suffering, (for example in Syria) or the state of the environment and plastic pollution prey on my mind and upset me greatly.

Also throw into the mix an overactive thyroid condition as a young boy that affected my mind and brain development greatly until it was controlled, but I suspect still has a say to this day despite the operation and thyroxine.

So....quite a mixed up position. But as all people I see on Youtube/TV with Aspberger's always seem quite confident, I just wondered if anyone out there experiences both. I don't want the Social Anxiety Disorder to mask any diagnosis/support I might need for Aspberger's.